product details

Product specifications

Measuring range: 34.0℃~43.0℃

Measurement accuracy: <35.0℃ and 42.0℃ ±0.3℃

35.0℃~42.0℃ ±0.2℃

Measurement time interval: more than 6 seconds

Display temperature mode:

Below 37.5℃ is green

37.6℃~38.0℃ is yellow

Red color above 38.1℃

Conditions of Use & Packaging Information

Working voltage: 2 AAA1.5V alkaline batteries

Environment temperature: 16℃~40℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%

Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

Storage temperature: -20℃~45℃

Storage humidity: ≤85%

Product size: 40*30*120mm

Product weight: 90g (without battery)

Color box size: 45*45*145mm

Weight after color box packaging: 90g (without battery)

optional choose colour:


●One machine with dual modes, ear temperature and forehead temperature test methods.

●One-key test, the data will be output in seconds, and the green, yellow and red three-color display screen reminds whether the body has a fever.

●12 groups of measured value memory function, convenient for users to retrieve data for comparison; automatic shutdown