Arm type blood pressure monitor YK-BPA1

More accuracy, more peace of mind

product details

 One key to start

 One key to start

 Large LCD display

Product specification

blood  pressure

Measurement method: upper arm type (use independent cuff)

Measurement range 20-280mmHg(Pressure) 

Accuracy ≤±3mm Hg(±0.4kPa)(Static pressure)

Screen display mode:  LCD  screen 

Pulse  Rate

Measure range 40-199beats/min(Pulse Rate) 

Accuracy ±5%(Pulse Rat

Storage environment

Storage Temperature -20℃~+55℃

Ambient Humidity :≤95%H

Atmosphere pressure : 50kPa~105kPa 

Use environment

Operation Temperature +5~+40℃

Ambient Humidity :15%RH-80%RH

Atmosphere pressure 86kPa~105kPa 

power   requirements

        1)AC power  : AC220V,DC6V 

        2)4pcs*"AA" batteries 

Device size :  96*130.5*69mm


●Streamlined appearance design

●Automatic Switch- off

●The function of overpressure protection, and the air pressure exceeds the automatic rapid exhaust. 

● 2 users, 99 memories per user 

●Voice notification in Chinese, English, and other languages (optional).

●lithium battery and USB interface  (option)



         BPA1--3.jpg  BPA1--2.jpg