Yongkang is committed to creating a win-win cooperation model
We hope to share our cause and wealth with excellent partners
Qualification ability:
Strong dedication, enterprising spirit and development vision;
No more than 55 years old and recognize Yongkang culture;
Have good investment concept and certain capital strength;
Have brand franchise agent operation experience and team management experience;
Positive attitude, strong learning ability, able to keep pace with the times.
Joining process:
intention negotiation
company inspection
cooperation application
Operational support
In order to help channel partners quickly open the market, Yongkang will provide channel partners with systematic operation support, from brand product knowledge to marketing skill training, from advertising activities to series marketing material support, and build an all-round three-dimensional operation support system.
Brand product knowledge training
Provide systematic training on brand, product knowledge, corporate culture concept and characteristics of target population。
Marketing School
Set up a brand marketing school, where senior experts regularly share professional and effective marketing methods, diagnose marketing bottlenecks and solve problems in the marketing process。
Marketing materials
In order to promote business development, Yongkang will provide a series of marketing materials such as brand manual, product introduction and brand image materials.
Activity promotion
Provide support for brand advertising and marketing activities, improve brand awareness, create brand noise and escort channel marketing.