Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China: 100% of 137 kinds of medical devices are made in China  
2021-10-21 15:48:27

Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Government Procurement of Import Products guidance Standard" (2021 edition) notice has been leaked, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Government procurement of Import products guidance Standard" (2021 edition) notice has been leaked.  The circular specifies the proportion of domestic medical devices and instruments to be purchased by government institutions.  




Among them, 137 kinds of medical instruments are required to be 100% domestic;  

Seventy-five percent of 12 kinds of medical devices should be made in China;  

50 percent of 24 medical devices are required to be made in China;  

Twenty-five percent of the five medical devices are required to be made in China. 

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This standard is no doubt from the whole country, the public hospitals and other units, the procurement of domestic equipment proportion for mandatory standards.  


In fact, in the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the healthy development of the Medical Industry issued by The General Office of the State Council this year, it is clearly stated that: if domestic products and medical equipment can meet the requirements, the government procurement projects should purchase domestic products in principle, and gradually improve the allocation level of domestic equipment in public medical institutions.  


Then "The State Administration of Taxation on the revision of the announcement of" RESEARCH and development Institutions procurement of Domestic equipment VAT refund management measures "pointed out that research and development institutions procurement of domestic equipment full refund of VALUE-ADDED tax.  


It can be said that domestic medical equipment configuration, ushered in the good news into the hospital!


Since this year, Zhejiang province, Guangdong Province, Sichuan province has issued a relatively new "import medical equipment procurement list", and even the equipment in the list, still need reasonable reasons, and can not limit domestic competition, and the equipment outside the list, natural domestic priority.  


In February, zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance published the Unified Demonstration List of Imported Products purchased by the Provincial government in 2021-2022 (Medical equipment). Zhejiang province can purchase 195 kinds of imported medical equipment.  

In addition to provincial documents, guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities have also issued more detailed documents to help domestic equipment open up the market.  

Undoubtedly, such a signal for all domestic manufacturers, are exciting news, but domestic manufacturers can respond to the country and the industry of the same value?  This problem, I believe that every domestic equipment manufacturers are also the same affirmative  

Recently, the seventh batch of excellent domestic medical equipment products selection results released, digital X-ray machine, ultrasound diagnostic instrument, artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis products, high-pressure syringes, liver ultrasound diagnostic instrument, breath yzer, liquid based cell instrument and other medical equipment, dozens of outstanding domestic medical equipment manufacturers list.  For example, Neusoft Medical, Anjian Technology, Shanghai United Film, Shenzhen Libang, Shenzhen Mindray, Xinhua Medical, Wandong Medical and many other well-known domestic enterprises.  

The innovation of domestic equipment to replace imports is not only expected by domestic equipment enterprises, but also the result of national efforts to promote.  All enterprises must grasp the golden period of development, increase investment in RESEARCH and development, do a good job in Chinese medical equipment manufacturing, further break the "neck" key core technology, and gradually domestic equipment to the world!